Welcome to Allphase Construction and Remodeling, your destination for top-rated deck builders. We're a family-owned operation, and we're dedicated to bringing your outdoor space to new heights. We are experienced deck contractors in Vancouver, WA and it's surrounding areas.

We strive to bring your vision to life and ensure that every decking project is our best work. We love building custom decks. We also do deck repair and we offer


Jesse, our founder, worked for a carpentry and house framing company for six years. He eventually discovered his true calling was building decks. The business he was working for shut down because of COVID.

Jesse decided to take a risk to start his own business, Allphase Construction & Remodeling, with his father. We're a family-owned business and we're passionate about providing the highest quality service and customer satisfaction.

What Does It Take To Build A Deck?

Our experienced team understands the many materials available and construction techniques. Actually, we prioritize high-quality materials. We offer many options, including cedar decking, composite, and steel framing for your decking design.

The materials we choose to work with are durable and long-lasting. We work closely with our customers to understand their vision, preferences, and needs for the dream deck project. We also offer customized designs to create the perfect outdoor space for you.

We have a variety of design options available. These options range from traditional to modern styles. Our designs also include features such as built-in kitchens, fire pits, and multi-level structures.


The planning stage involves several important steps. Imagine your perfect and consider its use, size, features, and decking design. We work with you and offer advice on material options and understanding local regulations.

Next, we must follow rules and get permits to ensure a smooth construction process after designing.


When choosing the best decking materials for custom decks, you must remember your specific needs. Gauge materials based on durability, maintenance, design, and budget to make an informed decision. Research different decking options like cedar, composite, or steel framing.

We test their respective advantages, flaws and long-term advantages. We'll discuss the weather, how you will use it, and what you like. This will help us choose the right decking materials for your project.


Choosing a professional and experienced contractor is most important during the construction phase. Our proven track record in deck construction quality separates us from the competition. We set clear timeline goals and consider project difficulty, size, and potential weather problems that may influence completion.

During the project, we will stay in contact with you. We will provide updates on the progress, discuss any challenges, and make necessary changes to the plan.


After completion of construction, we do a detailed inspection to make sure the final result meets your expectations. We will also tell you how to take care of your material to make it last longer.

We hope you love your new deck and use it to make great memories and enjoy time outside.


We Can Enhance Your Deck


We help you choose a rail system that goes well with your home's current design and matches your personal preference. Many things to think about when choosing materials, colors, and designs that match your outdoor designs.

We offer different railing options to improve your outdoor area. For instance, cable railing provides clear views and a stylish, modern look.

Our composite railing offers durability and low-maintenance beauty. Our ALX aluminum railing blends reliability and great design for outdoor living needs.

deck builders in vancouver, wa


We can build your ideal patio cover for shading, protection from elements, or to extend your outdoor living space. Our patio cover services aim to improve your outdoor living space with design and functionality.

We craft custom-designed patio covers that easily blend with your home's style while providing shelter from the elements.

We can create a trendy and durable patio cover that complements your house. This cover will transform your outdoor space into an adaptable and inviting area. You can relax and have fun in this newly enhanced space.

We Can Do More Than Decks Too


We offer fencing services designed to secure and enhance your property. Our ability spans many fencing options, from classic wooden fences to low-maintenance vinyl fencing to metal fencing solutions.

Our fences offer both style and protection, meeting different preferences for safety and beauty on your property. Our specialty is cedar fencing. Cedar's natural appearance adds visual appeal to your property. Its rich color and texture enhance outdoor spaces naturally.

It resists decay, rot, and insects, lasts longer than other woods, and its oils protect it. Also low-maintenance and usually needs only occasional staining or sealing to maintain its appearance.


Our house framing ability is professional. We ensure sturdy and reliable construction for your home projects. Our team carefully designs and constructs your house frame as we focus on quality design and follow industry standards.

We prioritize the durability, precision, and structural integrity necessary to support your dream home. We comply with local building codes, regulations, and permits required for the framing project.


With siding installation, we can help you transform and protect your home's exterior. With careful attention to detail, we offer a range of siding options designed to enhance curb appeal.

We also take durability and weather resistance into consideration. Count on our expertise to provide high-quality siding solutions that beautify and fortify your home for years.

We Can Build Your Dream Deck


At Allphase Construction and Remodeling, trust is at the core of our values. We guarantee client satisfaction with our decking designs and projects.

You can trust us to fulfill our promises. We are certified deck installers with Deckorators, Trex, and Timbertech. We use high-quality materials, ensuring it lasts and looks beautiful.


We are happy to provide guidance and insights tailored to your deck-building needs. With our expertise and dedication, we will help you make informed decisions about creating the perfect outdoor oasis.


Experience the difference by working with us. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward turning your outdoor dreams into reality. At Allphase Construction and Remodeling, we are excited to embark on this deck-building journey with you as we service Vancouver, WA and surrounding areas.

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